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The Regina East Zone Youth Soccer Association (REZYSA) mandate is to provide fun, safe, and affordable recreational soccer for the residents of East Regina. REZYSA organizes recreational soccer for children from 4 to 19 years. REZYSA runs two seasons a year. The indoor season runs from October to March with approximately 450 participants. The outdoor season runs in May and June with approximately 1200 participants.

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Indoor 2015-2016 Schedules

U04 to U10 players can look up a personalized schedule through our player page.

For printable PDFs of the U04 to U10 schedules please see our schedules page.

For U12 and older who are playing Interzone, the schedules are not yet completed.

There is a REZYSA U12 pre-season schedule available off the REZYSA schedules page.

The U12 to U19 schedules will be published on an external site when they are available.  So please watch the ReginaIndoorSoccer schedules page for the schedules.  It is anticipated these schedules will be available around October 11th.  Interzone schedules have been known to change without notice, so please check back periodically.

Team Placement Information

To check your young players’ team placement go to  http://players.rezysa.com/ . You can enter the phone number (10 digits, no spaces or dashes), used to register your child and find out what team your child is on and the information for the coaches on that team. Please remember that the teams will not be completely finalized until around October 11th, so be sure to check back for changes.

Indoor Registration Complete – Some Space Available!

Registration for the 2015-2016 Indoor Season has closed.  We still have a small amount of space in all divisions.  If you are interested in one of the remaining spots please email contact@rezysa.com.

In-Person registration form is available here.

Indoor Parent Handout – Please read it!

Did you know that nearly 90% of the questions that we get at contact@rezysa.com after registration closes are in the parent handout?  The next couple of weeks are busy with getting organized for the coaches meeting and scheduling and all the other things that go into organizing the season.  We would appreciate it if before emailing if you could check the parent handout to see if it answers your question.  If it doesn’t have an answer to your question, we would be happy to answer your question at contact@rezysa.com.

The Parent Handout is available here.

Wanted: REZYSA Board Members

REZYSA, as a volunteer run community activity, finds itself in the position of having money in the bank and rising participation numbers.  Unfortunately our ability to deliver quality indoor and outdoor soccer programs depends on the contribution of volunteers, which seem to be in shorter and shorter supply.  If you are interested in helping out, either on a casual basis or by taking on a executive role, please email contact@rezysa.com. New blood and new ideas are the secret to evolving REZYSA for the future.  No amount of assistance, however small, will be refused.

Remember…Volunteers are just ordinary people with extraordinary hearts!


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