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The Regina East Zone Youth Soccer Association (REZYSA) mandate is to provide fun, safe, and affordable recreational soccer for the residents of East Regina. REZYSA organizes recreational soccer for children from 4 to 19 years. REZYSA runs two seasons a year. The indoor season runs from October to March with approximately 450 participants. The outdoor season runs in May and June with approximately 1200 participants.

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2015 Outdoor Registration – all spots full!

We are sorry to say that all late registration spots have been filled in all divisions.  Indoor registration will start online in mid-July with in-person registration dates in early-September.  Please watch our website for further information.

Game Cancellation and Field Availability

The City of Regina may close the fields in cases where the fields are unplayable due to the weather. The City of Regina field status is posted around  3:00 PM weekdays at this link. If the City deems the fields unavailable then all REZYSA games are cancelled for that evening. When the city says the fields are unavailable we are not permitted to use the fields under any conditions.  If we are caught using the fields then we risk losing our access to the fields.

If the City has not closed the fields and the weather is questionable you will need to go to the field to determine if a field is playable. A decision will be made on whether or not a game will proceed based on a joint decision of the referee(s) and coaches at the field.  This determination will be based on the state of the weather and the condition of the field. If the weather deteriorates during a game the referee will consult with the coaches and determine if play should continue.  The major factors in determining if the game should continue is the safety of the players and the condition of the field.

In the case of a lightning storm if the time between the lightning and thunder is under 30 seconds the referee will call the game. Once the game has been called everyone MUST leave the playing area.

2015 Outdoor – maps to REZYSA fields

A Google Map with all fields used (home and away) by REZYSA can be found here.  Once you have accessed the map, pick the field you want, and you can generate directions from any address.

2015 Outdoor – Schedules Released

The final version of the outdoor schedules are available here.

2015 Outdoor – Rosters

You can find your team and schedule information by going to  http://players.rezysa.com/enter your phone number (10-digits, no spaces or dashes), Please remember that some changes may still occur, so you may want to check back periodically to see if the team placement has changed.

2015 Outdoor – Parent Handout

The parent handout is an excellent document detailing a lot of details about REZYSA soccer. About 95% of the queries we receive at contact@rezysa.com  are answered in the parent handout. Please read it and be informed.

For those of you who no longer have a copy it is available here

If you have any further questions please feel free to email contact@rezysa.comWe will usually get back in less than 24 hours.

Wanted: REZYSA Board Members

REZYSA, as a volunteer run community activity, finds itself in the position of having money in the bank and rising participation numbers.  Unfortunately our ability to deliver quality indoor and outdoor soccer programs depends on the contribution of volunteers, which seem to be in shorter and shorter supply. Without an influx of new volunteers REZYSA is very likely to need to fold in the next few years. You can help prevent this by the donation of some of your precious time to the REZYSA cause. If you are interested in helping out, either on a casual basis or by taking on a executive role, please email contact@rezysa.com. New blood and new ideas are the secret to evolving REZYSA for the future.  No amount of assistance, however small, will be refused.


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